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Coders Lab to train coding juniors in the Czech Republic

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The first quarter of 2021 is marked by Coders Lab's intense international expansion. The franchise network of coding bootcamps was just joined by a new Partner from Ostrava. 

Ostrava is one of the fastest-growing cities and economic centers in the Czech Republic. The agglomeration of 0.5 million inhabitants accounts for more than 10% of the Czech GDP. Due to its location and qualified workforce attracts further foreign investments, e.g. from the IT and automotive sectors. It is here that MBA Faculty Pioneers, which has become the exclusive franchisee of Coders Lab in the Czech Republic, is based.

- In the Czech Republic, as in many other countries, there is a high demand for IT specialists - says Josef Hroch, President of MBA Faculty Pioneers. - The economy is developing so fast that new technologies and their applications appear almost every month, creating a huge demand for professionals in all fields. We believe that creative programming experts are the most important elements to sustain economic growth. And we want to be a part of it.

For MBA Faculty Pioneers, the partnership with Coders Lab will be a step towards expanding its educational portfolio. The company offers MBA courses in such areas as management, law, finance, and marketing.

- After an in-depth study of the market and the possibilities in the field of IT education we have decided to cooperate with Coders Lab. The franchise model is conceptually successful because it is strategic and well thought out. Already at the beginning of our cooperation, we feel that we are not left on our own. The franchisor's support and teamwork impress us and fully meet our expectations. Obtaining an exclusive Coders Lab franchise license on the Czech market is for us like starting the game at the highest level from the very beginning - adds Josef Hroch.

According to the new Coders Lab partner, traditional schools in our opinion are not able to satisfy the market demand.

- Since the traditional education system is not coping and is not even trying to fill the gap in the labor market, there is a place for training centers that offer alternative, dynamic and effective forms of education - says Josef Hroch.

The CEO of Coders Lab, Marcin Tchórzewski, is also optimistic about the cooperation in the Czech market.

- I am glad that we can welcome our partners from the Czech Republic among the Coders Lab franchisees. The economy of our neighbors is characterized by great innovation and stability, which obviously translates into a growing demand for IT specialists. I am sure that together with our partner we will be able to respond to it by training numerous cadres of people ready to take up the challenges in the new technology sector - says Marcin Tchórzewski.

The international expansion of Coders Lab is based on franchising. In this model of cooperation, the franchisee is responsible for marketing, sales, organization, and running of courses. Coders Lab, on the other hand, provides constantly updated learning materials and proprietary IT systems facilitating the management of the academy. The franchisor also shares the operational know-how that makes it easier for the franchisee to enter and develop in the coding bootcamp industry.

Priority markets for Coders Lab include Central and Western Europe as well as Asia and Africa. Currently, the biggest Polish bootcamp has its Partners in Romania, Indonesia, Austria, Spain, and the Czech Republic.

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