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This is us – Coders Lab

We're a modern IT school making it possible to quickly switch careers and effectively expand digital competencies. Our focus is on providing practical skills that future employers of our students need.

We offer intensive courses of programming for the web (JavaScript, Python, Java); as well as introductory courses for junior testers and SEO specialists, or in-depth development courses for data analysis professionals.

Our courses are organized both on-site and online (live virtual classrooms) with full-time, weekend, or evening schedules.

Meet our team

Coders Lab founders

The first IT school in Poland was built on their creativity and firm belief that education in our country can be different.

Marcin Tchórzewski Coders Lab founder and CEO

Marcin Tchórzewski

Coders Lab founder and CEO

PhD graduate of SGH Warsaw School of Economics, Polish Development Fund expert, winner of the prestigious Auler award.

Expert for the media interested in:

  • profile of IT education industry,
  • job market in the IT industry,
  • effective programmers' education,
  • career switching / employment change,
  • start-up leadership and development,
  • IT school international expansion.
Jacek Tchórzewski Coders Lab Founder and Head Lecturer

Jacek Tchórzewski

Coders Lab Founder and Head Lecturer

Graduate of Warsaw University of Technology Programmer with many years of experience at the R&D centers of multinational IT corporations including Intel and Mobica. As a programmer, involved in their 3D graphics projects. His favorite programming languages are C++ and Java.

Expert for the media interested in:

  • programming issues,
  • profile of traditional IT education in Poland,
  • effective teaching in IT,
  • innovative education models – e.g. bootcamp,
  • modern technology used in the IT industry.

I believe that modern education must meet the challenges set by the changes in the job market. The foundation of what we do is learning by doing. Every day we adapt to the market to facilitate real career changes in the shortest time possible. We ensure getting IT competencies and offer a chance to find your place in an exciting and future-proof industry. In doing this, we also foster the development of the companies whose key resources include technological competencies.

Marcin Tchórzewski
Marcin Tchórzewski
Coders Lab founder and CEO

Coders Lab values

Our team shares the conviction that having the same values helps to work effectively. Seeing how we put these words into everyday practice gives us all satisfaction.

Coders Lab values - education

EDUCATION is our passion. We teach others and ourselves.

Coders Lab values - partnership

We cherish PARTNERSHIP with our students, teachers, and staff.

Coders Lab values - quality

We care for the QUALITY of our courses and everything we do.

We respect INVOLVEMENT of our students, teachers and every employee.

Meet the Coders Lab lecturers

and learn from experts with experience in key areas of IT.

Bartosz Zaczyński programming courses lecturer

Bartosz Zaczyński

programming courses lecturer

Bartek has over 10 years of commercial experience. In IT he has worked for large and famous corporations as well as for smaller software houses and startups.

Now he creates and reviews tutorials for the Real Python portal. His daily tools and languages used at work include: Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Java, Spring and Git.

He's been with Coders Lab since 2018. For us, he mostly teaches classes on Java, Python, JavaScript and testing.

Dariusz Luber programming courses lecturer

Dariusz Luber

programming courses lecturer

Darek has worked in IT for 16 years, and for over 12 is also a head of software development company. His daily work includes creating web applications, websites and e-commerce platforms, and hue uses tools and languages such as: JavaScript, PHP, Java, React, Angular.

He also uses Docker containerization, creates and manages Kubernetes clusters, CI/CD workflows using GitOps, implements ERP systems, and does a lot more.

As Coders Lab lecturer, for over 4 years he teaches future front-end and back-end programmers.


Magda Biernacka

tester courses lecturer

Magda has 14 years of IT experience. Her current position is Senior Test Manager. The company she works for is an international leader in digital transformation and a European in the services including Big Data, Cybersecurity and High Performance Computing.

In her work Magda is mostly managing test processes on a variety of levels: from design stage to releases and implementation. She makes use of the tools for project and test management. For several months now she has been proving herself in a new role as a Scrum Master.

Additionally, since 2018 she is certified as ISTQB Foundation Level Accredited Trainer and works at Coders Lab as a lecturer in testing courses. Over the years she has kept a track-record of participating in large-scale international projects. She is a passionate trainer and an inspiring leader. Magda enjoys her work and appreciates being able to share her experience with others.


Wojciech Jeziorski

tester courses lecturer

Software tester, ISTQB ® accredited trainer, teacher, and IT employment agency owner.

His testing journey started in 2010 and enabled him to work for Rusada Aviation, Objecivity and Matrialise. In 2018, he found his passion and professional calling as a trainer and organizer of workshops facilitating career switching from graduates and companies that he works for.

After hours he pushes his limits in downhill, trail running, wake/sup/longboarding cooking, traveling and playing games.

Katarzyna Kędra tester courses lecturer

Katarzyna Kędra

tester courses lecturer

Kasia took up testing in 2015 and found her place in IT in 2017.

Her day job is a Quality Assurance Engineer at and Modivo S.A. where she mostly tests webservices and ensures high quality of software. She makes use of: Postman, Magento, graphQL, development tools, GitLab, Jira, and more.

Apart from her QA job, since 2018 she also is a Coders Lab lecturer. You can meet her in every city's Manual Tester courses.

Iwona Popek

analysis courses lecturer

Iwona started her data analyst career right after the second year at the university. Now she has over 12 years of experience in this area. She works at Allergo as a Data Analytics Team Lead, improving user experience with Allegro SMART! She also is a member of Women in Technology organization, where she heads programs supporting women in starting their IT careers.

The languages and tools she uses at work include: SQL, R, Python, Tableau, GCP.

At Coders Lab she is a lecturer for Python – Data Analysis, SQL – Data Analysis, Data Visualization, and Data Lab courses.


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