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The Polish Tech Bridges project is financed from the European Regional Development Fund under Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020, Measure 3.3 “Support for promotion and internationalisation of innovative enterprises”.

Agreement no: POIR-03.03.01-00-0001/17-00

Project goals: Introducing intensive vocational training in software programming and testing, using a proprietary learning platform, to the Singapore market.

Expected effects: Establishing long term presence in the Singapore market as one of the providers of IT education services.

Project value: 180,000 PLN

European Funds contribution: 180,000 PLN


What makes us stand out?

We have been running IT courses for years and thanks to this experience we know that practice and the highest quality of learning are crucial! That is why our lecturers are specialists in their field.

Coding teacher pointing at computer monitor

We know how to teach effectively - we have been doing it for 8 years

We have developed the most effective learning model. On courses lasting from 5 to 24 weeks, you will gain the skills necessary for your first job. Regardless of your experience, you can enter IT and start your career.

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We will adapt to your needs and capabilities

Day or weekend, on-site or online. You choose! You can also count on the support of our mentors and lecturers. If you decide it's not right for you, we will give you your money back for the unattended parts of the course.

Coders Lab partners

We know the realities of the labor market

The learning materials are written according to the labor market expectations towards junior programmers. Our lecturers work in the IT industry and they know how to explain coding issues and transfer them to the reality of work as a programmer.


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Why join IT courses?

By acquiring IT competencies, you are responding to market needs. In fact, e-commerce companies and those providing online services accounted for 30% of all organisations hiring during the pandemic.

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Many development paths

You can choose from programming, testing, data analysis, UX, project management and much more. Whatever your strengths, there is something for you in IT.

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High salaries

One of the many benefits of working in IT is the high salaries, which provide the opportunity to quickly achieve stability and live a comfortable life.

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Friendly working environment

In IT, you can work remotely and take advantage of flexible working hours. This is because what matters most are the results and not the number of hours you spend behind a desk.

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Do you need more information?

Download our handbook which will help you choose the right course for you and show you what your learning experience will be like.

Download the handbook

Who are IT courses for?

Everyone! What counts is your motivation. Learning on a course requires commitment and regularity. But seeing your progress is definitely worth it.

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You do not need a degree

We also do not require knowledge of basic programming or experience in the IT industry. Our courses are designed in such a way that everyone has the chance to gain new skills.

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You can apply at any age

Our graduates include recent high school graduates, students, working professionals, and seniors. Whatever your age, we will introduce you to the world of IT and help you move around freely.

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Your obligations are not a problem

Do you study, work, have children or other responsibilities? No problem - we teach remotely, daily or on weekends. Together we will find the best form of learning for you.


Meet Coders Lab graduates


See where our graduates work

After a Coders Lab course, you can look for a job both in small software houses and big corporations. Our graduates work in the best IT companies worldwide.

Logos of companies that employ coding graduates Logos of companies that employ coding graduates

Not sure which course is right for you?

Do you have doubts? Take the aptitude test and find out which path is best for you.

Take the aptitude test
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How to finance an IT course?

We know that a course is a big expense. That's why you can pay for it in two different ways.

From your own funds

You can pay for the course by traditional bank transfer. This is the fastest form of payment, without unnecessary formalities.

Instalment payment

You can split the payment into instalments. The amount and number of instalments depend on the course and payment plan you choose.

Money-back guarantee

If, for any reason, you can't finish the bootcamp you have enrolled on, you will get a refund for the part of the course that you haven't completed.

Income sharing agreement

You can finance your education with help of our partner, Lendorse. Income Sharing Agreement is a new financing option which offers you more flexibility than conventional loans.


Do you want to know if the IT industry is right for you?

Fill up this form and we will send you our bootcamp handbook. Leave your number so that our Course Advisor is able to contact you.

We'll be happy to answer any questions that pop into your head.

During a conversation with an advisor you will learn:

  • how to choose a course to suit your needs,
  • what the program and organisation of the course looks like,
  • which mode of learning will be the best for you,
  • what financing methods you can choose from,
  • how we will help you find your first job in IT.

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Frequently asked questions

Who prepares the programme and materials for the programming course?

The Coders Lab Education Department is responsible for all the educational materials and their factual correctness. Our specialists prepare the program of the courses and watch over the highest level of knowledge transferred during the courses. For each type of course there is a person assigned - an expert who has detailed knowledge of the course and the covered material.

We also consult our partner companies when we are developing the bootcamp content in order to adapt the topics discussed during classes to the current requirements of the labour market. We pay special attention to issues related to the IT industry, constantly monitoring its changes and developing our IT courses programme accordingly. We know that the IT industry is developing very quickly and we want to always be up to date. The success of our graduates depends on this.

All this we do to make sure that our IT courses contain exactly what you need to confidently take your first steps in this industry.

What are the benefits of online programming courses?

First and foremost, online programming courses give you a lot of freedom. By taking courses remotely you save time which would otherwise be spent on travelling. Additionally - and this is very important for many of our course participants - now, thanks to the remote option, you can take an online programming course from anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer and a good, stable Internet connection.

Remote classes at Coders Lab bootcamps take place live with a lecturer and a group of students in a Virtual Classroom. For you, this means a lot of support during the classes and help in maintaining regularity in learning. At no stage of working with the course material are you left unsupported. Not only can you ask questions on an ongoing basis during class, but you can also contact your mentor on Slack.

You have access to the course content available on the original Coders Lab learning platform at any time. Self-study, repetition of materials or solving tasks is much more systematic this way, and you can really see your learning progress and the amount of content covered.

Why go to an IT school?

The IT industry is very popular, especially testing, data analysis, and programming. A course is the best way to learn new things, but it must meet one very important condition. The organiser of such a bootcamp must be an IT school. This guarantees the quality of the materials, up-to-date content and regular support during individual thematic blocks.

If you are planning to try your hand at IT, a coding school is what you should be interested in. Online programming becomes much easier with the support of lecturers.

What are the differences between different programming courses?

Feeling like you want to choose programming? Courses, their scope and nomenclature can be difficult to figure out at first. At Coders Lab, we divide programming courses into two categories - front-end and back-end. The first one is characterized by the fact that you design the final look of what is displayed in e.g. a search engine, while the second one is responsible for creating the logic of the whole website or web application.  

The programming course itself in different languages has a similar layout throughout. It consists of:

  • prework, i.e. self study material aimed at levelling the knowledge of the course participants,  
  • classes in a group with a lecturer - divided into thematic blocks,  
  • a project and a final exam to test the knowledge acquired during the course.

This is the simplified structure of each course, and they all adress the most important topics related to IT. Coders Lab IT Academy and the classes we offer are at a level that meets the demands of the labour market. However, we also want the learning process and progress monitoring to be clear and simple. And this course structure makes it possible.