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A free self-study course won’t make you a coder. Here is what will.

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Bootcamp with us is an adventure and a life-changing experience.

We help you make the right decision from the start. We know that it can be difficult for you if you haven't had programming experience before. That's why we have a few solutions prepared:


1. Talk to a Course Advisor - nothing helps like a conversation. Our Course Advisor is an experienced consultant who will talk to you about your needs and even your personality traits - yes, that's important too. Years of experience means we can see what programming language is for who and are happy to suggest which path to take.

2. And you know what? Our Course Advisor knows what she's selling because she took our course. This allows describing the learning experience better and more accurately. In the case of talking with our competition, it's worth asking the person you're talking to whether they've taken on such a challenge or are simply selling a product.

3. An aptitude test is our next helpful solution for choosing the right language. Do the aptitude test if you want to clear up any doubts about which course to choose.

What makes up our price?

On the internet, you can easily find course offers for both 300 euros and 7,000euros. But what determines the value of our course? How do we relate to the market offer? Why are we more expensive than the very cheap courses available on popular course platforms? And more affordable than the products of top European bootcamps? You will find your answers below.

The Mentor

We do not accept half-measures and want to approach every student individually. We know that problems that may arise while learning programming may require explaining it in many different ways until you finally understand the topic. A course in the form of a ready-made recording that can be produced once and then sold in an infinite number of copies will not give you that. That is why you will have contact with a Mentor on our course - a person who will be with you from beginning to end in the learning process. 

What does a Mentor do? 

  • answers all your questions and  is there for you to learn to code
  • helps you solve problems if they arise at the Prework stage
  • shares their professional experience with you
  • will motivate you in moments of doubt
  • will show you how to apply the knowledge gained in your future work

In-group motivation

We believe that motivation under challenging moments is the key to success in learning to code. In our course, you will have the opportunity to interact with other participants to exchange experiences at different course stages. Some of our students even develop friendships after the class is over. Coders Lab focuses on teamwork and mutual support, not on competition. 

“What I see is that it’s nice to be in a group and when you see that people are very motivated. So I look up to them and I feel like I also need to push myself more. Plus Mentor’s support is significant.” Kat


During the course, you will work with a Mentor and with our lecturers. Yes, it will not be just one person who will teach you how to code! A relevant specialist in the field teaches each module. Each of them has a different professional experience and approach to teaching. They share a common passion and vast knowledge supported by many years of experience in the IT industry. Each of our experts is verified in knowledge and ability to share it with others, so we guarantee the best training staff to help you take your first steps in the IT industry.

They will watch over your learning progress. They will help you solve problems but never give you a ready-made solution.

Live Classes

When you buy our course you not only get ready-made materials to work on your own, but you also gain knowledge by participating in online classes. Without leaving home, without inconvenient commuting, you can make the best use of your time to improve your qualifications. 


Price for value

Comparing the number of hours of live classes, our competitors lag: they offer between 112.5 and 183.7 hours live. With us, you will spend 188.5h, and on top of that, you will not pay a horrendous price for education preparing you to be a programmer. 

Portfolio projects

Do you know what is most important to an employer when assessing your programming skills? PORTFOLIO. Let's not deceive ourselves - a certificate or a paper is not a piece of reliable information on whether the future employee can cope with programming tasks. Nor whether they will show a willingness to develop and improve. Programming is a dynamic field requiring constant, regular work and upskilling. 

Coders Lab bootcamp is not just 7 months taken out of your life. Our bootcamp is the beginning of change and the development of good habits that will make you a good programmer. Our approach to teaching is to make you motivated, active and aware that your work is essential. That's why we require you to prepare a project for your

We know that an investment in coding bootcamp is something that may block or postpone your final decision about enrolling on a course. To make it easier for you, we decided to give you an option of payment in instalments.

This way, you will be able to work on your career switch without a feeling that a coding bootcamp will deprive you of funds for basic needs and pleasures. 

Our convenient installments: 490€ + 1250€ + 1250€

What will you learn on our courses? 

JavaScript Developer

During this bootcamp, you will learn to program the front-end, aka the part of websites and web applications that the user sees. You will turn graphic projects into working sites with animations and other visual effects. Your job will be to code web apps in a way that is visually appealing both on mobile and desktop devices, easy to browse, and correctly integrated with back-end systems.

Python Developer

After the back-end Python developer bootcamp, you will be able to program websites and web applications so that they do precisely what you want. By learning back-end Python, you will be able to write server-side code, i.e., an ordinary user cannot see and usually has no idea about it. You will be responsible for system logic and ensuring that the front-end part receives the appropriate information to display correctly in the browser window.

For more information, download our handbook. 


Who are we? 

The history of programming bootcamps started in 2011 when the first course in this convention was launched in the US. In 2013, noticing the potential of a new approach to programming education, two brothers, Marcin and Jacek Tchórzewski, opened their first programming school in Central Europe. Since then, Coders Lab has expanded to another four countries (Czech Republic, Austria, Spain, Romania). Coders Lab keynote was innovative thinking about education towards the growing IT market from the very beginning. 

With eight years of experience, nothing is impossible for us. There is no one we can’t teach coding - our graduates include musicians, geologists, humanists, drivers, soldiers, people working in gastronomy and many others. Our goal is to provide high-quality learning materials for beginners to help you feel confident when you land your first developer job. And, what’s most important, we want to show you that learning to code is not that scary, and a career change is possible with the right attitude and guidance. 

Do you have any more questions? We will be glad to help! 

Kate Myshkevich

Courses Advisor

+44 871 807 8788

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