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Earlier, it was said that technology walked in giant steps. Now, it is ubiquitous and expanding on an even larger scale. If you want to make it in the IT industry, you should follow the trends that will shape the nearest future. So, in this article, you will learn about the IT industry trends for 2022 that can be crucial for those who want to enter the world of computers and technology.

From the text, you will learn:

  • what trends will reign in 2022 in the IT industry
  • why it is worth knowing several programming languages


The data analytics market is full of tools that are evolving rapidly to keep up with the growing amount of data collected by companies. All the 2022 trends related to Data Science leave no illusions in this matter.

Effective data analytics - one of the IT trends of 2022 - is essential to:

  • understand your target audience,
  • determine customer preferences,
  • gather feedback on products and services.

Data analysts are needed in all industries (e.g. banking, automotive, heavy industry, education or public administration) and the number of jobs is predicted to grow steadily in the coming years. If you want to choose this career path, be sure to update your competencies regularly. Your broad analytical skills open up new opportunities in an increasingly digitised world. And this one is not going to stop developing!

Among the skills desired by employers, there are:

  • knowledge of SQL query language,
  • knowledge of Python programming language,
  • ability to use data visualisation tools.

All this allows you to automate the analyst's daily work, present data clearly, and make informed business decisions!



You're well aware of how vital e-commerce has been in recent years. However, the pandemic and multiple lockdowns have accelerated the rise of mobile commerce, or m-commerce. Today, nearly 80% of people worldwide own smartphones, and according to a report by Deloitte, about one-third of consumers use their phones to shop. This is a clear trend in IT in 2022.

The growing importance of m-commerce is combined with the significant role of mobile application developers.

A mobile developer is responsible for:

  • creating software,
  • testing its correctness,
  • implementing the systems

Depending on the business and functional requirements of the application, developers may use different programming languages that will best meet specific needs. For example, native applications for Google Android use Java, C or C++. For WebView systems or a hybrid mobile application, developers are more likely to choose JavaScript. The main reason is that these applications are essentially responsive websites adapted to a mobile device browser.



Another IT trend in 2022 is the rise of containers and microservices. Their popularity stems from the fact that more and more projects require scalability, security and 24/7 availability.

To get an idea of what containerisation is, it's worth citing the example of Netflix, a streaming service you know well. Millions of people worldwide watch Netflix every day, yet there are no technical problems with it. It is possible precisely because of the use of microservices. Why? Breaking one platform into many microservices reduces the risk of stopping the whole system, increases system stability, and identifies a new problem faster.

The growing number of users and the need to provide an efficient platform caused Amazon, Twitter, eBay, or Uber to abandon monolithic applications.



Not all IT trends in 2022 could have been predicted just a few years ago. For many companies, moving away from office work to remote work was an unpleasant necessity resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. Today, it seems to have become the new normal. Many companies - not just in the IT industry - have shifted their operations to hybrid or fully remote for good and are reaping real benefits.

A Stanford University study found that remote workers are 13% more productive than their office-based counterparts, and also 39% of remote workers said they finish projects ahead of schedule.

IT companies worldwide are constantly creating new tools and platforms so that employees can effectively perform their tasks without being in a fixed office.

This way of working will make its presence felt even more in the coming year, especially in the technology sector. This is why remote working could not be missing from the list of trends for 2022.



Last but not least is the low-code trend. It allows companies to overcome the barrier of entry into the digital world quickly. The term refers to developing applications with little or no code. This approach allows for efficient application development without the need for specialised knowledge. 

Although many developers are still sceptical about the low-code development approach, it undeniably offers some advantages. These include:

  • less manual work,
  • time savings when creating digital solutions,
  • possibility to redirect part of the budget to other activities.

However, the truth is that experienced developers with vast knowledge will be still better paid and needed at the companies. So treat this trend as a curiosity. The developers will not extinct like dinosaurs because of the low code any time soon. 

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