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Willing to open your coding school, yet afraid of high investment expenses? Coders Lab franchise comes with a solution.

The coding bootcamp market has been developing dynamically for nearly a decade and there is a lot of evidence that it has successfully resisted the coronavirus pandemic. Uncertainty of employment resulted in a growing demand for digital skills and a growing deficit of IT specialists - all this makes more and more people choose to learn in bootcamp coding. Running a programming school is now a recession-proof business and it is no wonder that more and more entrepreneurs are considering opening such a company.

Unfortunately, many of them give up already in the run, due to fear of investment costs. Lecture halls? Computer lab? Overhead projectors, TV sets for displaying presentations? Website and marketing materials? And above all - educational materials that need to be created and later updated? Providing all these elements at the start of business may involve spendings reaching hundreds of thousands of euros. So is there a way to save on initial expenses?

Coders Lab IT School franchise was created as a solution that allows you to start your own programming school with the minimum possible expenses. During seven years of activity, the franchisor has developed tools and materials that enable efficient opening and management of the bootcamp coding. As part of the franchise package, Coders Lab passes on these tools to its partners, which saves them a lot of time and money at the start. The partners receive ready-made educational materials, which are kept up to date by the Coders Lab education department. Along with the materials, they gain access to a dedicated LMS system, which enables the distribution of the materials and monitoring of students' learning progress. However, it is not the only system that can be used by franchisees. Coders Lab's IT department has also created a proprietary platform to facilitate course management, thanks to which you can easily supervise the course, assign lecturers to groups, and manage classrooms.

As part of the franchise package, partners also receive a starter marketing package. The marketing package consists primarily of a ready-made website, which can be adjusted in terms of language and content. In addition, Coders Lab provides ready-made graphics, social media posts, and articles to facilitate SEO positioning.

Of course, the franchisee is not left alone at any stage. From the very beginning of the cooperation, he is onboarded during a series of training courses, leading him throughout all areas of the school's operation - from sales and marketing, through the organization of courses, to supporting candidates on their way to finding a new job.


  • Initial fee - a one-time entry fee for the franchise license to operate programming schools countrywide, granted for seven years. It is also a fee for all elements of the franchise package, including the LMS system, website, educational materials, marketing package, and implementation training. The initial fee is priced individually for each target market.
  • Office equipment for employees and a TV or OHP to display presentations. Note: Investment in a computer lab is unnecessary - Coders Lab students come to classes with their own laptops.
  • Eventual translation of learning materials - if the partner considers that it will not be possible to give lectures using materials in English on their target market

In addition to the investment expenses, the franchisee should also secure the working capital, which is a financial cushion that will allow the school to survive the first months of preparation, when there will be no revenues from the sale of courses. This is the cash supply needed to cover current salary and marketing costs. The bootcamp should break even the moment when the first course is sold. The working capital should therefore secure the period that usually passes from the signing of the franchise agreement to the launch of the first course. This should be no longer than 5 months.

Considering entering the coding bootcamp industry? Contact us now and let's discover the potential of your target market!

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