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New Coders Lab Partner will start an IT academy in Czechia and Slovakia

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For the Polish-originated network of IT schools, this is an essential step towards strengthening its position in the European market. The Czech Republic and Slovakia are growing IT hubs and urgently need new professionals with digital skills.

The European network of IT academies enters the two neighboring markets of Czechia and Slovakia. Both are becoming increasingly essential destinations for global companies looking to outsource their technological operations. IT market size in the Czech Republic is estimated to grow by USD 2.22 million from 2022 to 2026 at a compound annual growth rate of 4%. Slovak ICT Revenue is set to reach €9,570 million by 2026 from €8,270 million in 2021, growing 2.4% yearly. Both countries require a steady supply of adequately qualified IT professionals to keep their competitive advantage. 

The development of Coders Lab's IT school in these markets will be handled by Martin Ptacek, an experienced startup owner who has become the exclusive franchisee of the Polish brand under a seven-year agreement. He explains that the decision to enter the IT training business was well thought out. 

'We decided to launch Coders Lab on the Czech and Slovak markets for two reasons. The first reason is the permanent lack of IT specialists in our region and abroad. The second reason is the growing popularity of the technology segment as such. The format of Coders Lab courses is well-developed and comprehensive, and these courses have had great feedback from graduates. Even though there are already several established players in IT education in this area, we see an excellent opportunity to bring Coders Lab to the Czech and Slovak markets. We want to launch the first courses in June 2023,' says Martin Ptáček, the CEO and founder of Sprinto Digital, an entrepreneur with a background in education, technology, and product management.

Grzegorz Morawski, responsible for Coders Lab's global development, admits there is a high chance of starting the first course according to the plan.

‘It usually takes 3 to 5 months to start the first course on a new franchised market. Much depends on how quickly the Partner gathers the human resources needed to launch the business, especially the teachers. But all the preparations are going well, and I am pretty sure we will have a couple of first course batches yet this year,’ says Morawski. 

He is also confident that the Czech and Slovak markets offer great potential in the context of programming, testing, and data analysis courses. Combined, the two countries need thousands of new IT specialists. 

‘Coders Lab's training program responds to the needs of the labor market. We believe that our know-how and tools combined with our Partner's organizational and marketing skills will allow Coders Lab to succeed and become one of the leading training centers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia within a few years,’  adds Grzegorz Morawski. 

Coders Lab, one of the oldest IT schools in Europe, is expanding abroad through a franchise system. As a franchisor, it provides Partners with a complete set of educational and marketing materials, educational materials, and know-how to launch and manage the training facility efficiently. More than 9,000 students have taken Coders Lab courses in Poland, Romania, Kosovo, Spain, and Indonesia. 

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