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Entering into cooperation with Coders Lab is a way to diversify and increase revenues for existing companies. Which companies could benefit the most?

Coders Lab IT School offers a ready-made recipe for starting your own programming school. The franchisor provides regular updates of course materials, a ready-made website, dedicated CRM, and a range of marketing and sales tools to help you run your business. All of this, backed by the franchisor's 6 years of experience, helps the partner avoid the risk related to the new business and shorten the path to the first profits. 

Coders Lab franchise is a solution that will be particularly well suited to existing companies that think about diversifying their portfolios and looking for additional income sources. There are three groups of such companies in particular. The first one covers educational firms - vocational schools, language schools, private universities. For this type of companies, launching programming courses is a natural extension of their current activity. Synergies are obvious in this case: availability of lecture rooms, know-how in the field of marketing and sales of educational services, the possibility of offering programming courses to existing customers. Thus, the extension of the offer with IT training is in their case a natural way to create a comprehensive educational group in a given market.

Another group of companies, that can particularly benefit from the purchase of a Coders Lab license, is software companies. It is because they dispose of assets, the acquisition of which is the most difficult element in the process of establishing a programming school. These are programmers, who can be converted into lecturers. One of the main principles at Coders Lab is that all teachers must have a permanent contract with practice, so a large part of them are freelancers and owners of development companies. A software house, which will decide to extend its services with IT courses, will have an easier start in this business since it can requalify its developers as trainers. In that way, software houses can also give their people an opportunity to share their knowledge and develop their soft skills. And besides, obtaining lecturers is the most difficult challenge associated with opening a software boot camp.

Coders Lab franchise may also prove to be a strong business lever for companies offering HR and recruitment services. In their case, the element of business diversification is exceptionally strong, but contrary to appearances, synergies are not insignificant. Recruitment companies can successfully educate new staff of programmers, automatically opening the door to a new career in the IT industry. In this field, practice-oriented programming courses are clearly intertwined with their previous activities. For large job-boards, conducting such training may be a way to animate the labor market, which in turn will translate into additional income - not only from the IT school but also from their core business.

However, the list remains open. Profiles of enterprises, which can successfully expand their business profile with educational services in IT, do not form a closed catalog. In order to assess whether your business has the potential to do so, consider possible synergies. Once you notice them, apply today!

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