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You have been thinking about learning to program for some time, but you do not know how to combine it with your duties? On the one hand, you would like to change your job and enter the world of IT. However, it is challenging to switch your career while having a full-time job. You are looking for a programming course, but you do not have time for full-time bootcamps. For entirely independent learning, you lack regularity and an established action plan. Is there a solution?

Remote course with live classes.


First of all, you save time, which you would spend commuting. Thanks to that, you can easily combine learning programming with your duties. Classes are held every second weekend between 9 AM and 5 PM. If you work full-time, have too many responsibilities and can't motivate yourself to learn independently, a remote course will be a perfect solution for you. 


You plan your day by yourself

Apart from live classes, 50% of the course is your work, and it is up to you how you plan it. However, keep in mind that it will be difficult for you to understand some of the issues discussed in lectures or live programming without proper preparation for classes. When planning your workload, you need to consider additional time for self-study using the materials available on the course platform. 


Group and lecturer support

A remote course at Coders Lab is not only materials or video lessons available on the virtual platform. It is, above all, systematic live classes every second weekend which take place online. You can ask the lecturer or the group on an ongoing basis about the issues and solve exercises with the group live. You interact with people who will dispel your doubts and answer all your questions. In addition, if you have a problem with some exercise before each class, you can enter the platform and discuss important issues with a lecturer.


Monitoring your learning progress

During the course, we motivate you to continue learning! You can discuss your progress during individual sessions with your mentor, and after each module, you will take an exam to check your level of knowledge. This allows you to monitor your work, and the regularity of the classes motivates you to learn systematically. 


Quality of the classroom course transferred to online learning

A remote course means the same regularity of learning, quality of materials, subject matter knowledge and lecturers as in a stationary one. We created this model with your convenience in mind! If you can not participate in a stationary bootcamp, nothing is lost. Coders Lab's remote learning mode will be the perfect solution for you.


IT as a key to the future

You've already found a way to balance your responsibilities with learning programming, but let's take a step back. Why are programming skills and the IT industry the future?

The demand for technology-related skills continues to grow. According to McKinsey Global Institute, the number of hours spent in jobs using technology-related skills will increase by more than half by 2030. The IT job market still needs specialists and this trend will not change soon. With the rapid development of technology and artificial intelligence, more and more programming jobs are being created. You certainly don't have to be afraid of your profession being displaced by AI in this industry. However, if you are still wondering whether it is worth taking a programming course, you will be convinced by the salary rates of programmers. Senior Developers with several years of experience can earn as much as 34,000 - 75,000 euros per year. 

IT is the future in job market development, technology and salaries. It is only up to you to join this world! Check which programming course is for you.

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