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Programming is a skill like any other. At Coders Lab, we believe anyone can learn it from scratch in a short time. Here is how we teach.

Programming is a bit like learning a foreign language. Why?

You learn a foreign language to communicate with someone from another country. It's similar to programming languages. They are used to communicate with the computer because programming is writing instructions for the computer.

We start learning a new language with basic phrases and useful words. Just like when learning how to code. In the beginning, we have to learn basic phrases, that is commands. Thanks to them we can save simple instructions to be executed by the computer.

The next step in learning a foreign language is grammar - we learn the rules and principles of building sentences and statements. In programming, it looks similar. In the same way, we have to learn the rules of writing code. Thanks to that we know how to combine basic commands to create a simple program or application.

The next stage is 'learning by doing'. By learning a foreign language and reading a text, we start to catch the words we know and try to understand the meaning of the whole statement. The same applies to programming. We look through the code written by experienced programmers and try to understand how the program works. We learn from examples.

Finally - practice! It is most important if we want to communicate fluently in a foreign language. Just like in programming - while learning through practice, we start to write more advanced code and build applications.

How we teach at Coders Lab

Each of our courses has been created from scratch by experienced coders - practitioners, not academic theoreticians. Teachers at Coders Lab ar experts in their fields, able to share not only their knowledge but also stories from the everyday life of a programmer. Under their careful eye, our students effectively learn to develop software. We provide tools and a proven learning path, but it is ultimately the student's attitude that is essential to achieving final success.

These are the basic features of Coders Lab courses that make students learn effectively.

  • Practice above all - from day one practice is the foundation of each Coders Lab course. Throughout the course, you solve complex problems on your own and you create your first portfolio projects.
  • Mentor's support - throughout the course, an experienced programmer observes your progress. They help solve problems, support students in difficult moments, and motivate them to work further. Each one of them embarked on their programming adventure many years ago. What they have in common is their passion for teaching and vast knowledge derived from years of experience in the IT industry. They are practitioners who enjoy sharing their knowledge and teaching great junior developers.
  • Learning the basics - most of our course participants have never programmed before. Our courses are designed to help anyone to quickly launch their careers in IT.
  • Prework and exams - we support ambitious and engaged course participants - that’s why you have to pass an exam after completing each module to continue the course. Weak candidates don’t complete our courses.
  • Full-time studies - with this intense formula, only full-time engagement provides optimum results. Moreover, with the help of the mentor, you save lots of time when you come across problems.
  • Learning in a group - working in a team motivates, provides alternative solutions for common problems, and provides support in difficult times.
  • Independent thinking - we don’t give you ready-made solutions, but rather suggest where to look for answers. You learn to solve the problems you face in the future on your own. 


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Step by step to the world of IT

The typical programming course at Coders Lab consists of the following stages:

  • Prework (4 weeks) - initial self-study materials to revise before the course begins. This is an introduction to the systems and technologies which we use during the course. Our practice shows, that those participants who do not pay enough attention to the prework stage often don’t complete the course at all. It takes about 60 hours to complete the prework.
  • Full-time classes (3 weeks) – The first 3 modules conducted with professional teachers.
  • Remote work (1 week) - one week of the remote work. The students get a set of exercises to complete at home and they can rely on the support of their dedicated Mentor.
  • Full-time classes (2 weeks) - two more modules of on-site learning with teachers.
  • Workshop week (1 week) - during the workshop week you will complete your final project which you then have to defend to open the door of the IT industry.


But this is not where the course ends. Learning at Coders Lab is not only about obtaining coding skills, it is also about helping you start your career in the IT industry. As our graduate, you can take part in programs designed to increase your chances for employment.

The first one is the Career Lab program, in which we describe in detail the working conditions and the recruitment process in the IT industry. By taking advantage of consults with Career Advisors you become prepared to find your first job as a programmer. By participating in the Portoflio Lab program, you will learn how to prepare an attractive professional portfolio. The Scrum Lab course, in turn, will give you an opportunity to work on a project in one of the today's most in-demand IT industries. After the course you can also continue your studies at Coders Lab, broadening your knowledge within the Full Stack program.

Can you teach someone to code in 2 months?

Many say it’s impossible. For sure, learning to code is a lifetime journey. The IT industry is changing very dynamically, so you need to constantly update your skills and knowledge.

However, more than 5,5 thousand Coders Lab’s graduates prove that you can start from scratch and, after completing a coding bootcamp, be ready to start your career as a junior programmer, tester, or Digital UX specialist. The great majority of our alumni have found their first jobs in the IT industry within 3 months after completing our learning program.

Thinking about joining the coding bootcamp industry and opening your coding school? We have a ready-made solution for you! Check it out here!

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