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Lectures at the Coders Lab IT Academy

Get to know us

We're a modern IT school making it possible to quickly switch careers and effectively expand digital competencies. Our focus is on providing practical skills that future employers of our students need.

We offer intensive courses of programming for the web (JavaScript, Python, Java); as well as introductory courses for junior testers and SEO specialists, or in-depth development courses for data analysis professionals. Our courses are organized both on-site and online (live virtual classrooms) with full-time, weekend, or evening schedules.


We are like:

Language schools icon

Language schools

Today everyone can learn a programming language, testing or data analysis just like a foreign language.

Vocational courses icon

Vocational courses

We teach realistic, practical skills: our graduates are ready to start working in their new professions.

Higher education icon

Higher education

Our teachers are experts in their fields (IT PhDs and professionals)

We have unlimited energy and we're true new technology enthusiasts. People working with us are creative professionals who welcome changes and every day help hundreds of others to get into IT.

Get to know us

Coders Lab values

Coders Lab values - education

EDUCATION is our passion. We teach others and ourselves

Coders Lab values - partnership

We cherish PARTNERSHIP with our students, teachers, and staff

Coders Lab values - quality

We care for the QUALITY of our courses and everything we do

Coders Lab values - involvement

We respect INVOLVEMENT of our students, teachers and every employee


How we work

How we work in Coders Lab - individual approach

your career development path is tailored for you

How we work in Coders Lab - value creativity

your own ideas and actions get the space they need, we value creativity!

How we work in Coders Lab - passion for new technology

we share our passion for new technology

How we work in Coders Lab - we are a team

the team we create believes in and enjoys what we do

How we work in Coders Lab - no dress code

there's no dress code requirement

How we work in Coders Lab - pet friendly

our office is pet friendly


Our team-building activities include:

office breakfasts, city events, success celebrations

Join Coders Lab team

Why Coders Lab? What made you choose us of all companies?


Benefits in Coders Lab - ability to join any of our courses

ability to join any of our courses

Benefits in Coders Lab - flexible working hours

flexible working hours

Benefits in Coders Lab - free English lessons

free English lessons

Benefits in Coders Lab - private medicare

private medicare and Multisport card


Recruitment process

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If you have any questions or want to find out more about any of the offers, get in touch with us!

We're happy to help.


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